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Praise for Made Incredibly Easy!

Nursing school success

"I'm a fan of the "Incredibly Easy" guides. They always have lots of information combined with fun sayings, humor, easy to understand content and colorful images to break up the boredom that comes with studying, less than page turning, material. I found this, one useful for studying, brushing up and cramming." - Nursing Student on Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy®

"I own almost all of these books and they have literally saved me! Definitely helped me pass some of my hardest nursing school courses! Highly recommended!!" - Nursing Student on Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!®


“I’ve used Made Incredibly Easy every semester. The books narrow down the information from a long 2-3 hour lecture to just the information you need to know. They have really helped me to be successful!”
— Dana, Kansas City Community College

Dana, Kansas City Community College

Knowledge & skills refresher

"I have about books 10 from this series. I bought this one just to brush up on general cardiology knowledge when moving from the ICU to the Cardiac Cath Lab and it was quite helpful. I wouldn't have gotten through school without them. They are great for getting a solid overall view of a subject. Great for students." - RN on Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Visual!®

"I have been a RN 27 years. This book is to the point and a great review! Great tips for recall of facts as well. I recommend it!" - RN on Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy!®

"I've been a registered nurse for almost a decade and bought this book as a reference to brush up on my rhythms. This book is perfect for someone just starting out learning about cardiac rhythms. I highly recommend this book!" - RN on ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy!®

"I deal with mostly the same kind of stuff on a daily basis and when something I don't see often comes through, I LOVE this book series because it's easy to find what you need and makes things simple as possible. I own a lot of the series now, and I found this one just as useful as the others." - RN on Fluids and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy!®

“Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy helped me to understand more advanced cardiac interventions and the pathophysiology behind complex disease process. A wonderful tool!”
— Hugh, University of Tennessee

Hugh, University of Tennessee

Learning new skills

"New nurse (to the ICU) - I came from Oncology. ICU is a whole different learning curve. I felt this gave a well explained overview of the ICU life… This will get you the fundamentals as well as common things to look for. It is an AMAZING reference so far. Love the different diagrams, tables, pictures, lay outs." - RN on Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!®

"I've never had to know ECG strips before in my nursing career and have all of a sudden been told our jobs are changing and this is required. The ECG made incredibly easy books spell it out in numerous ways that make me learn rather than just reading the strips. I also got the workbook, so worth it." - RN on ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy!®

“Breaks down difficult concepts and terminology in a way that I can understand. It helped me to pass Pharmacology!”
— Cayenne, Florida Southwest State College

Cayenne, Florida Southwest State College

On the job quick reference

"Been a critical care nurse for 4 years and a travel nurse for 1. I always keep this on hand just in case I need to brush up on anything. The Nursing made incredibly easy series got me through nursing school. It’s my go to brand for nursing education." - RN on Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!®

"I give this 5 stars for new OB nurses. It is a great quick reference on obstetric nursing from prenatal to postpartum. There is even a quick review of interpreting ECG for those who do c-section PACU recovery." - RN on Maternal-Neonatal Facts Made Incredibly Easy!®

"The best portable wound resource. This spiral bound pocket resource covers every aspect of wound assessment and management. It is an excellent reference for differential diagnosis and selecting a treatment plan. Preventative strategies also included related to pressure injuries." - RN on Wound Care Made Incredibly Quick!®

"Just started working with children. Need a quick reference for the job, this little pocket book is great info to have for a quick reference of immunizations needed, temp conversion, drip calculations etc. use it every day." - RN on Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick!®

“They literally make everything easy with great visual for visual people. I don’t think I would have passed most of my classes without them!”
— Amanda, Kansas City Community College

Amanda, Kansas City Community College

Specialty certification preparation

"Huge fan of the incredibly easy series. It got me through nursing school 8 years ago and still aids me in brushing up and test prep. I'm a visual learner and the silly cartoons really help me retain the content of the section. I'm studying for my CCRN and this is a huge help. I really like the new addition and the color pages are great! Highly recommend as a quick refresh for the visual learner!" - RN on Critical Care Made Incredibly Easy!®

"I am an RN that moved from long term care to a med-surg floor in the hospital. I bought this book as a refresher from nursing school. This is a very big book and is awesome for going back over med-surg basics. I am also using this book to study for my med-surg certification test." - RN on Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!®

“Critical Care Made Incredibly Easy helped me to understand difficult concepts, study for tests and pass the course!”
— Ashley, Scottsdale Community College

Ashley, Scottsdale Community College